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How do I share or download my edited PDF?

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 04:44PM CDT

DocHub offers several different ways for you to export, download, or share your PDF documents and is designed to meet the needs of anyone who handles PDF documents for personal and professional use. It's fully integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for direct, seamless transfers between DocHub and your favorite cloud storage accounts for the ultimate convenience. 


You can access the Share dialog by clicking on the Share or Send  button near the top right while viewing a document, or you can get there from your DocHub Dashboard in the Documents or Templates section by selecting a PDF and clicking on the Actions menu at the top of the list and choose Share or Send
Send your PDF as an email attachment with the choice of sending it via DocHub using or sending it via your own Gmail address where DocHub composes a new draft for you with your PDF attached. For more information, see our article about How to email your PDF as attachment via DocHub or Gmail.

Publish your PDF to a DocHub URL by making it public or creating a private Share Link for limited access to certain individuals. You can also give someone permission to access your PDF in DocHub so that they can annotate and make changes to your PDF. Find out more about using DocHub URLs to share or collaborate in our article for How to share your PDF using a Share Link or Public URL.

Send an email notification to one or more people to ask them to complete and electronically sign a PDF in DocHub. Our Sign Request workflow totally streamlines the process and is the easiest and quickest way to request e-signatures from anyone and invite them to complete a legal document using a secure and private DocHub URL that only you and the signers can access. To learn more about sending a Sign Request via DocHub including step-by-step instructions, go to 
How do I send my PDF as a Sign Request?​.



The download options can be accessed by opening a PDF in DocHub and clicking on the Download / Export  button in the upper right corner. Then, choose from any of these options in the dialog window:
Download your document as a PDF to your PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet, or phone. This is explained more in our article for How to download your PDF to your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Transfer documents directly to your Google Drive with the option to choose the folder location and/or how to handle the transfer when the file was opened from Drive and a version of the same file already exists in Google Drive. See our article for How to export your PDF to Google Drive.

DocHub will compose a new draft in your Gmail account for you with your PDF(s) attached and ready for you to send. Find out more in our article for How to email your PDF as attachment via DocHub or Gmail.

If you are a student or teacher that uses Google Classroom with the same Google account you are using for DocHub, you can export your PDF assignments directly to your Classroom. Once you've selected the Classroom option in the row of export choices, click on 'Create Share Link' (if you haven't created a Share Link for this PDF yet) > Upload to Google Classroom > follow the instructions in the dialog window that appears. 

Export your PDF documents directly to your Dropbox. If you haven't authenticated your Dropbox account with DocHub yet, you'll be asked to log in and agree to the basic terms. 

Export directly to your OneDrive and choose a destination folder. If a copy of the file already exists in OneDrive, the new file from DocHub will overwrite it, but you can access previous versions or revisions of your file in the desktop version of OneDrive and online if you have a Business account with OneDrive. 


To access a printer friendly version of your document, click on the printer icon ​ near the left side of the Tool Bar or click on File menu  > Print... which will open up the print dialog in your web browser with a preview of your PDF.  

FAX TO A PHONE NUMBER (including international phone numbers)
DocHub offers 3 payment options for faxing PDFs. You can pay per fax if you just need to send one, or sign up for a monthly subscription to DocHub Fax Line, or upgrade to DocHub Pro which includes outbound e-faxing of up to 35 pages per month.

To send a single, one-time fax, it costs $1.99 for a PDF up to 25 pages with a cover page. If you need to also receive faxes in DocHub or send more than 35 pages per month, you can subscribe to our
DocHub Fax Line for $9.99 per month which provides you with an inbound fax number in the area code of your choice and includes up to 100 pages per month, inbound and/or outbound. If you go over 100 pages in any monthly billing period, you'll be invoiced for an additional $9.99, and your fax limit will be increased by 100 pages. To view a counter of the number of pages you've sent and received via fax in your current billing period, you can go to your DocHub Fax Settings.  

To fax one of your PDFs in DocHub, open your document and click on the File  menu in the upper right corner, hover your cursor over Send and choose Fax... or you can do so from your DocHub Dashboard by selecting a document and use the Actions menu at the top. If you still need to upload your document, please refer to How do I upload a PDF to edit or sign?.

​To view your received faxes after upgrading to the 
DocHub Fax Line, you can go to your Fax Inbox which can be accessed on the left side of your DocHub Dashboard.

For more information about how to send and receive faxes in DocHub, go to How do I fax my edited PDF in DocHub?.
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