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How do I fax my PDF in DocHub?

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2016 11:37PM CST

DocHub totally simplifies faxing PDFs and other documents and turns it into a much easier and hassle free experience where you can fax your original or edited PDFs online with only a few clicks or choose one of our other options to share a PDF. A fax cover page will be included by default which you will be prompted to fill out after choosing to send your PDF as a fax and has all the fields that a cover page usually requires. You can also receive faxes to your DocHub account if you subscribe to our DocHub Fax Line plan which lets you choose an inbound fax number in the area code of your choice

‚ÄčTo fax a PDF in DocHub, just open your document and click on the File menu  in the upper right corner > Send > Fax....
or you can do so from your DocHub Dashboard by selecting a document and use the Action menu at the top. Your DocHub Settings has an Outbound Fax History to see a list of what you've faxed and when including where it was sent and the status for each one.

We offer 3 payment options for faxing PDFs electronically in DocHub. To choose which option is best for you, it all depends on the number of pages in your PDFs, how often you need to e-fax documents, and whether you need to receive inbound faxes and not just send them. The billing, invoices, and receipts for DocHub Pro, the fax subscription, and individual e-faxes are kept totally separate between the 3 pricing options. Here are your choices:


Our DocHub Pro plan includes up to 35 inbound fax pages per month (which is a rolling 30 day period) among many other benefits such as raised sending limits and feature enhancements, and if you need to send more than 35 pages in any 30 day time frame, you can either pay per fax for PDFs up to 25 pages or sign up for a DocHub Fax Line plan in addition to Pro. 

If you need to also receive faxes and/or send more than 35 pages in a single fax, we offer the DocHub Fax Line for $9.99 which is a monthly fax subscription that includes up to 100 pages of both inbound and outbound PDF faxing where you get to select your very own inbound fax number in the area code of your choice. Any inbound faxes to that number will appear in your Fax Inbox (the bottom section on the left side of your DocHub Dashboard). 

If you send or receive more than 100 pages during a billing cycle, your page limit will be automatically raised to an additional 100 pages for another $9.99, and you won't be charged for it until your next invoice and billing date. To sign up for our fax plan or to see a counter showing the number of inbound or outbound faxes you've sent or received in your current billing cycle, you can go to this page:

To see all of the document that have been faxed to your personal DocHub fax number, you can go to your Fax Inbox.

If you have both DocHub Pro and a Fax subscription, it combine the page limit to 135 pages per month. 

It costs $1.99 to fax a PDF up to 25 pages with no subscription required and includes a cover page by default. 
If your PDF fails to send via fax for some reason due to sending it to the wrong fax number or if the recipient's fax machine is not hooked up or for some reason, you will not be charged the single fax fee or deducted for the page counts. You only pay when a fax is successfully transmitted. 

If you send a fax that was successfully sent and received (as shown on our end as transmitted, received, and completed), but the receiver can't find your fax due to hardware issues on their end or being out of ink or it getting lost in their office, we will gladly resend the fax for you entirely free of charge. We recommend that you first inform the recipient that it was successfully transmitted according to your Outbound Fax History which displays the status of any fax you've sent, and if your fax is still not found on their end, simply contact our support team and let us know the details of what happened and what the recipient thinks may have happened, and we'll help get your fax delivered at no extra charge.
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