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How long are my edited and signed PDFs saved in DocHub?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017 04:15PM CDT

All PDFs and other documents that you upload to DocHub are saved in your account permanently without any expiration date unless you manually choose to delete the file from DocHub. The same goes for any annotations you've made to your PDFs. This includes all PDFs that you've sent to request someone's electronic signature and 

Uploading a file directly to using either our document or template upload pages will instantly save the document to your DocHub Dashboard in your Documents or Templates section. This applies to both free accounts and accounts with a DocHub Pro subscription. The one exception to this automatic save rule is if you have a free account and open a file from within Google Drive or Gmail using Open With and don't add a single annotation to it or make any other changes. In that situation, the file will only be stored in DocHub for 24 hours and then be auto-deleted, but if you make just a single edit to the PDF or choose to "Save in DocHub" (green button in the upper right corner while viewing it), the PDF and all of your edits will then be saved permanently to your free account. If you opened a file with DocHub from within Google and didn't make any edits to your document then the exact same copy of that file should still be in the same place that you opened it in DocHub. 

To find any of your edited documents in DocHub, just go to your 
DocHub Dashboard which is just our main DocHub URL while logged in and search through all of the sections on the left side, and for Templates, each of them may have unique Copies which you'll see a Copies column showing the number of copies for that template, and the number count will be a link to view the list of copies. 

If a file you opened from Google Drive or Gmail into a free DocHub account was removed after 24 hours due to not being edited or not being manually saved in DocHub, your Activity Feed will show a record for "DocHub Maintenance Server" and say "Destroyed" next to the file along with the date it happened. That particular wording (DocHub Maintenance Server) in your Feed is only used when our server automatically deletes a file after 24 hours of just sitting in DocHub unsaved or unedited from Google, but the good news, as mentioned above, is that you should have an identical copy of the file in your Google Drive or Gmail. 

If you want to remove a file from DocHub, you can also manually delete your PDF to destroy it instantly. To delete a PDF, just click on the File menu  button in the upper right corner while viewing your it and hover your cursor over Actions and choose to "Destroy Document". Or, to do it on your DocHub Documents page, just select the one(s) you'd like to delete by clicking the row(s) and click on the Delete button above the Last Modified column.

Please note that we are unable to recover any documents that were left to expire from Google or were manually destroyed since they are removed from our servers as soon as they disappear from your account. We do not retain any backup copies for privacy reasons.
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