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What is the difference between a template and document?

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017 07:40PM CST

When you upload a file directly on the DocHub website, you have the choice between creating a single use document or a template to be used as a master copy. If you plan to only ever have one copy of your file, you can just upload it as a regular document on the New Document page, but if you would like to keep reusing the same PDF document and create new copies of it or expect more than one person to fill out a form, then you'll want to upload it as a template instead on the New Template page. All files opened from Google Drive or Gmail will always begin as a regular document, but you can convert any regular documents into a template by clicking on the File menu  and hover over Actions to see a conversion to template option.

You can make the exact same type of PDF edits to a template as you can a regular document, though when you open a template, in order to edit it, you'll need to click on the Edit Template button in the upper right corner. If you want to fill out a separate copy of it, you can click on Fill a Copy next to the Edit button

When you make copies of a template, they are basically child documents to the parent template since it's the exact same file at first, and any copies can be accessed in the Templates section by clicking on the number count in the Copies column on the same row as the template. Here's an example of how it appears below:

If you'd to share a template for someone to fill a copy and/or sign for an application, contract, agreement, or for anything, you can see how in the articles below:

How do I send my PDF as a Sign Request? 

How do I share or download my edited PDF?

Converting a regular document to a template
​You can convert any of your regular documents to a template by opening the document and click on the File menu  menu button in the upper right corner, hover your cursor over Actions and click on Convert to Template.
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